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Fluent Consultants can help you determine what self-service capabilities and information are most important to your customers and worth the investment.

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Customer portals have shifted from a nice-to-have into a core expectation when it comes to customer service, experience and loyalty-building.

We’ve been designing and constructing customer portals across a variety of industries since 1999. Because custom portal development is a core focus of ours, we invest heavily in the skill sets, processes and infrastructure necessary to ensure your portal project meets your business objectives and your customers’ usability expectations.

See how we can help you create new communication channels and focused digital experiences.

How it Works

Discovery Meeting

We conduct a no-cost discovery meeting to better understand your driving portal needs.
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First, we conduct a no-cost discovery meeting with you to better understand what’s driving the need for your new portal, your high-level requirements, and the number of key stakeholders that will be impacted and need to interviewed. We do this to gain a better understanding of the type and size of effort required to achieve your goals and to develop a proposal for the first phase of our process — Our Design Studio.

Design Studio

We provide a rapid, effective approach to determine core design elements for your portal.
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Design is the most important phase of a successful software project. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to undervalue this phase, opting instead for a strategy that feels more like “code and hope.” Not Fluent.


Our Design Studio provides a rapid, effective approach to determine the core design elements for a custom software application. The process ensures both you and our development team have a clear vision for what the application will and won’t do, how long it will take to develop, and how much it will cost.

Deliverables may include:

  • Screen Mockups are created so that end users can interact with the new design visually.
  • Functional Requirements define the rules for what the system will (and sometimes will not) do.
  • Process Model defines who/what triggers each process and how the organization responds to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Data Model defines how the application uses data.
  • Technical Architecture diagram lays out the proposed architecture for the new application.
  • Cost Estimate is a detailed estimate of the time, effort and fees required to construct the application.


We ensure that development is efficient and maintainable.

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After the Design Studio, technical design takes place to ensure your custom software development is efficient and the resulting application is maintainable, scalable and extensible. Development translates the specifications created during design into code. We also test the system to verify the code works according to those specifications. At completion, acceptance testing is conducted by the client as a final check before deployment.

Deliverables can include:

  • Technical design and specifications
  • Use cases for end user testing
  • Source code and documentation
  • End user training documentation


We move the new system to production servers and release for use.
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During deployment the portal is moved to production servers and released for use. Training of users, if needed, is conducted. The system then moves into a support and maintenance mode.

Our work in action

Client Portal Training in Action

Client Portals

Learn how an insurance broker created a client portal as a strategy to unseat a much larger incumbent and in the process create a new multimillion dollar vertical.

streamlined communication, implementation, and monitoring of insurance plan.

The design of a web enabled, secure student health care portal that linked seamlessly to the client’s web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide everything necessary to design, build and deploy my custom portal?
Yes. We specialize in greenfield custom development, which is the art and science of building software from scratch. We’ve invested heavily in the skill sets, processes and infrastructure necessary to consistently produce successful outcomes.
We have no experience building custom portals, where do we start?
You don’t need any experience. We have over 20 years of experience guiding clients through the software development process, i.e., visioning, design, construction, deployment, and maintenance. Just give us a call, we’ll take it the rest of the way.
Can you help me determine if I really need to build a custom portal?
Yes. We’ll help you validate if it makes more sense for you to implement a package, lease a cloud solution or build a custom portal.

“ If anyone in the world could design our Dynamic Builder software, I knew Fluent could. Thanks for helping us show the market what an extraordinary piece of work it is. ”

– president, residential development company

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