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Customer Relationship Management

Create a single source of customer truth

A well-conceived and executed customer relationship management (CRM) strategy directly impacts your sales strategy and bottom-line results. An inaccurate or underused CRM puts your sales, marketing and service teams at risk for making costly, uninformed or misinformed decisions.

We can help you plug the costly holes in your CRM
Benefit from accurate information delivered via the integration of their CRM platform
Phased approach that delivers a 360° view of your customer relationships
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We understand the critical role of your CRM

A company’s CRM may be it’s most vital IT system. Without a reliable understanding of customer status, purchasing and communication history, your sales and other front line teams are flying blind.

Fluent’s business-first approach goes far beyond just building and implementing CRM software. We help you design a CRM platform that fuses your business strategy, operational processes and supporting technologies to enable and replicate superior performance.

Our consultants can help you design a CRM solution that aligns with any goal, budget, or desired process improvement.

How it Works


Discovery Meeting

We conduct a no-cost discovery meeting to better understand your CRM needs.
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First, we conduct a no-cost preliminary discovery meeting with you to gain a deeper understanding of your business strategy, challenges, opportunity, and high-level requirements for your new/improved CRM system. This enables us to design the best solution to address your needs. It also allows us to gather the information necessary to develop a proposal for the first phase of our process, the our Design Studio.

Design Studio

We provide a rapid, effective approach to determine core design elements for your solution.
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Our Design Studio provides a rapid, effective approach to determine the core design elements for your solution. The process ensures that both you and our team have a clear vision for what the solution will and won’t do, how long it will take to develop, and how much it will cost.


Ensures your CRM development is efficient and maintainable
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The first step in the development phase is technical design, and ensures your custom CRM development is efficient and that the solution is maintainable, scalable and extensible. Development can either require configuring an off-the-shelf CRM package, developing custom software, or both. We also perform testing to verify that the system works according to your requirements.


We move the new system to production servers and release for use.

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During deployment, the system is moved to production servers and released for use. Training of users, if needed, is conducted. The solution then moves into a support and maintenance mode.

Our work in action

CRM Automation in Action

CRM Automation

Learn how a Kansas City insurance carrier reduced their RFP response process and significantly reduced critical data errors.

30% reduction in RFP response process

The company reduced it’s RFP response process, simplified data input and improved content accuracy, departmental responsiveness and process transparency in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us to embed data analytics in our CRM?
Yes. Developing data driven insights to improve decision making has long been a standard practice of ours.
Do you build custom CRM systems?
Yes. Sometimes our clients feel they can create a competitive advantage by developing a custom CRM capability or a custom element to their existing CRM system.
What CRM packages do you have experience working with?
While we have experience interacting with numerous CRM packages, we have in-depth expertise designing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

“As a result of this new insight, our sales force has experienced over a 100% increase in new qualified leads, which has produced significant incremental revenue.”

– vice president of sales, national manufacturer and distributor

Is your CRM costing you deals?

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