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Case Study: Upgraded Donor System Powered by Microsoft SharePoint

Learn how Trabon Solutions helped a nonprofit grow online revenues to over 30% of total company revenue while reducing operating expenses.

Client Snapshot:

Midsize nonprofit with the mission to support the basic needs of disadvantaged children worldwide through traditional giving and child sponsorships.


The organization wanted to upgrade their website to increase revenue generation and match competitive online marketing threats.

Leadership knew this would also require improving their overall fundraising efficiency via new automated workflows and better integration with core systems.


The organization’s IT consulting partner, Fluent Consultants, implemented Microsoft SharePoint portal software to provide the site with an enterprise level content management system and collaboration platform.

Key upgrades to the website included the following:

Powerful CMS capability enabling marketing to more efficiently manage content

Personalized sponsor websites to improve sponsor experience

New multimedia, i.e. video to improve donor recruitment and retention

Multiple online payment options to reduce revenue leakage and increase sponsorships

Better integration with core financial, operations and CRM systems to improve process and fundraising efficiency

Final Outcome:

The solution enabled the organization to quickly execute new marketing programs, improve donor experience and automate key processes.

These improvements significantly contributed to increased process and fundraising efficiency and growing online revenue to over 30% of total company revenue while reducing operating expenses.

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