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Case Study: Performance Improvement with Business Intelligence

Learn how a custom manufacturer improved their on-time delivery rate by 10% and reduced lead times by 10%-15% in the process by implementing Business Intelligence software.

Client Snapshot:

A leading manufacturer of large custom fabricated steel products for the energy, chemical and aerospace industries with products ranging from pressure vessels, heat exchangers, nuclear components and gas pipeline equipment.


Inefficiencies in processes increased the time to complete tasks and led to overruns.

The company designs and manufactures products that are used in pipelines, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and gas plants around the world. Each project requires custom engineering and the coordination of dozens of tasks across five different departments. Engineers routinely work on multiple schedules at a time and are constantly forced to reevaluate the priority of their tasks. This increased the time to complete tasks. It was also believed that the lack of overall transparency to each project added inefficiencies that led to overruns.


Leadership felt that a business intelligence solution would enable quicker analysis of project variables, allowing for more efficient coordination of tasks across each group.

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These new insights would also improve decision making as it would be easier to identify and resolve previously hidden constraints to on time delivery.

Fluent Consultants was called on to develop the company’s BI strategy and software requirements. After evaluating four different software options, Fluent recommended Logi Analytics based on its attractive mix of features, ease of use and flexible pricing model. Leadership approved the recommendation and instructed Fluent to implement the software.

Logi Analytics has enabled the company to:

Increase the speed and quality of decision making

To improve overall transparency across individual and all projects as a group

Create better clarity to individual tasks and their influence on, on time delivery

Provide engineers with their next prioritized task to work on. Tasks that are based on total project portfolio variables and priorities. Significantly reducing the time engineers spend manually reevaluating work tasks.

Identify and prioritize key project variables and tasks necessary to complete projects and meet delivery dates. For example, alerting procurement to the need to purchase parts based on delivery date rather than lowest price.

Realize their processes were being executed inconsistently which was causing the majority of overruns. This insight enabled the company to re-engineer their processes for more consistent execution.

Final Outcome:

Reducing lead times has enabled the company to effectively increase capacity and respond to new client opportunities with confidence.

The strategy, process improvements and the analysis made possible by Logi Analytics enabled the company to improve from an 80% to 90% on time delivery rate and reduced lead times by 10%-15% in the process. All this success has created a culture that now embraces data driven analysis and one that actively seeks out opportunities for continuous improvement.

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