Young Female Business Professional

Tips for Increasing CRM User Adoption

While nearly 85% of U.S. companies have deployed some form of CRM software, it’s generally believed that overall user adoption is well below 50%. The surest way to increase user adoption is to follow the best practices listed below:

    1. Involve users in all planning phases
    2. Make the system easy to use
    3. Ensure it aligns with your strategy and processes
    4. Resist asking users to input irrelevant data and information
    5. Make it the hub for all customer account information
    6. Embed marketing and sales analytics that can improve user/company performance
    7. Appoint a CRM champion, that can train users and evangelize the system

The best way to improve user adoption is to embrace a carrot and stick strategy. If users see little to no value for them or the company as a whole using the system, they’re likely not going to use it. Introducing penalties without incentives for noncompliance, will only build frustration and get you the bare minimum of garbage data.